Psychosocial risk consultancy

Our psychosocial risk consultancy service is designed to guide you towards a fulfilling and balanced working environment. Our team of experts is at your side to analyse, prevent and manage psychosocial challenges within your organisation.

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Assessing psychosocial risks

Our psychosocial risk (PSR) measurement tool has been designed to assess and effectively manage these risks in your working environment.

The primary objective of this approach is to improve the social performance of your company. Our pragmatic approach is based on an audit of PSR and its organisational factors, enabling you to understand which actions are the most efficient for mitigating the risk. Our tool is currently available in the following languages: French, English, German and Portuguese.

We operate within a strict ethical and methodological framework, to ensure the utmost objectivity and protect your confidentiality and that of your employees.

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Harassment investigations in the workplace

Since the Act of March 29, 2023 on protection against moral harassment in the workplace, employers have been obliged to conduct an impartial investigation as quickly as possible when a case of harassment is reported in the company.

In order to meet these criteria, Pétillances offers to outsource this investigation to our work psychology consultants, who will act in accordance with the methodological and ethical framework required for this type of intervention.

We work in close collaboration with our clients to organise these investigations and ensure that you have completely impartial interviews with the alleged victim, the alleged aggressor and any witnesses. We are also committed to rigorously gathering evidence and testimonies, and to providing you with conclusions that will enable you to position yourself as an employer.

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