Professional coaching

Team accompaniment

In the form of team coaching or supervision

Team cohesion is a fundamental pillar of success. With our team coaching, we guide your group towards stronger collaboration, transparent communication and lasting synergy. Our dynamic sessions and engaging exercises strengthen the bonds between team members, creating an environment where every voice counts.

Supervision sessions provide a space for people to talk and express themselves, with the aim of calming teams down and finding solutions together. Orchestrated by an expert in interpersonal communication, they provide a safety valve for groups and individuals who are part of them.

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séance de coaching individuel

Individual coaching

Coaching sessions are designed to provide one-to-one professional support to anyone affected by a change of direction, life or career, as well as wider issues.

Through the provision of tools, techniques and methods, a personalised action plan is defined. The coach acts as a revealer of the talents and skills of the employee, supporting them in a process of self-knowledge, repair and creation.

Psychosocial hotline

If you want to offer your employees a professional, external ear, the option of a psychosocial hotline offers real comfort to your teams.

Support your employees in their search for well-being in complete confidentiality by telephone, video conference or face-to-face at no extra cost. This service is based on benevolent, non-judgmental listening, the aim of which is to mobilise the caller's own resources once again.

Each treatment is personalised by professional psychologists and therapists to deal with professional and private issues.

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téléphone de la permanence psychosociale

Step 1

Assigning personal identifiers

Step 2

Receiving callers by telephone, physical appointment or videoconference and conducting an interview

Step 3

Follow-up of the caller or redirection to internal or external professionals more suited to the request

Step 4

Reports or interviews on the use of the service, preserving the anonymity of callers

personne chamboulée

Psychological unit

Sometimes the lives of a company and its employees are turned upside down by one-off events that may require external help or a neutral face to overcome. Pétillances offers group support for people who have witnessed or been affected by a potentially traumatic event (accident, death, illness, suicide attempt, etc.).

We can intervene within hours of the event* or at a later date to provide follow-up for the teams affected. We can also set up a psychosocial hotline between two follow-up sessions to offer individual support to employees who would like more confidentiality.

*depending on the availability of our professionals.

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Skills assessment

A skills assessment is an essential tool for anyone looking to take a fresh look at their career path and consider career development or change... As part of our coaching offer, it serves as a starting point for identifying your strengths, your comfort zones and your areas for improvement. Find out just how much this break in your career path can contribute to your personal development.

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