Organisme de formations et de prévention des risques psychosociaux à Luxembourg
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Our latest news

Conference & training : L’accueil et l’intégration des demandeurs de protection internationale – 27.10.2022

Registration and details: click here

Our next trainings

Booster sa confiance en soi – 29.09.2022

Registration : click here or contact info@petillances.com


Communiquer avec assertivité – 06.10.2022

Registration : click here or contact info@petillances.com


Leadership 1 – Passer de collaborateur à team leader – 17.10.2022

Registration : click here or contact info@petillances.com


Gérer son temps 1 – Fixer et gérer ses priorités – 17.11.2022

Registration : click here or contact info@petillances.com


Introduction à la préparation, l’animation et debriefing d’une activité team building en interne – 01.12.2022

Registration : click here or contact info@petillances.com

A sparkling touch

The Pétillances® method has been specifically developed to bring out pragmatic solutions from the experience of employees, while providing them with tools from coaching, various personal development techniques, systemic psychology, team building and a large panel of psychometric questionnaires.


Pétillances® training is offered by experts and consultants who are passionate about their job and specialised in various fields such as Human Resources, Management, Psychosocial Risks, grief management, stress management and public speaking.

Coaching & orientation


Our sparkling consultants and trainers have very rich professional and private histories. They like to draw from their experiences as well as their acquired tools and methods, which they then share in a way that is both precise and fun.



PSR are part of the life of companies and they require specific support including technical expertise, advanced knowledge and caring neutrality. Pétillances has developed three innovative tools to better manage PSR: “KESKONFAISI?“, “PEPS” and “PEPITE“.

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