Training offers

Training offers

Inter trainings

  • Pétillances’ trainings are opened to all companies which send their collaborators to sessions planned in the calendar. The trainings’ days gather various public from diversified sectors (financial, artistic, industrial, medical, public, transports, IT, …). Encouraged by the trainer, all participants are animated by a desire of learning and sharing their experiences with all the group.
  • The trainings, detailed here, are organized in 5 qualifying circuits made up of 3 to 11 thematic lessons illustrated by pictures on your right :
  1. “I communicate effectively”
  2. “I become a real leader”
  3. “I develop my business skills”
  4. “I organise myself effectively”
  5. “I take care of me and of the others”
  • According to the time available for your training or your preparation to learning, two options are possible : “One Day” and “Be Prepared”. You can find more details of each option here.
  • Because the training has not to be restricted to elected people, we apply a unique price of 259 euros excluding VAT accessible to the majority, including the session but also the meal as well as delicious home-made collations in a preserved environment.

Intra trainings

  • Pétillances also offers trainings in companies meeting a specific problematic or wishing to develop talents of their collaborators in a different way.
  • It all starts with a meeting where company’s operational or behavioural needs are analysed. We think together about the positioning of trainings in total adequacy with your professional reality, but still fun, powerful and dynamic. So we put our experience to your service, our systematic psychology mastery, our positive approach of change and our ability to get out the classical learning. Your collaborators are guided in the most suitable way with humour, lightness and creativity. 

“Quick & Efficient” Module

  • Because actions worth better than long speech; 
  • Because in 90 minutes, we learn a lot;
  • During a session of 90 minutes, Pétillances trainers put their skills to the service of your collaborators and teams so that they acquire knowledge and use of a tool or a method immediately transposable to their professional life.
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