Individual coaching

Individual coaching

Coaching sessions aim to offer an individual and professional accompaniment to anyone concerned by a reappraise, a change, and difficulties.

Through tools, techniques and methods, a personal action plan is set up. The coach just reveal the collaborators’ talent and skills he supports in a self-knowledge, repairing and creating process. 

Champs d’application :

  •  Self-knowledge 
  • Removal of limitative beliefs 
  • Identification of the directing values and needs
  • Stress reducing
  • Emotion management optimization 
  • Individual change accompaniment 
  • Resolution of relationship difficulties 
  • Conflict appeasement
  • Communicating optimization
  • Career reorientation
  • Preparing for retirement

Public :

  • Anyone experimenting a frequent or temporary reappraise
  • Individual member of a group under supervision
  • Collaborators in professional reorientation (internal or external) 
  • Collaborators experimenting relational or communicating difficulties 
  • Team leadership
  • Newly promoted managers
  • Individual coaching