Team supervision

Team supervision

Supervisory sessions consist in create speech and expression area dedicated to teams’ appeasement and collective research of solutions.

Orchestrated by an expert in interpersonal communication, they offer the groups and individuals who build these groups a safety valve. Through a professional psychological support, the participants can create or restore a group dynamic which is constructive and anchored to reality. Issues are expressed, the disruptive emotions are transformed and common solutions are proposed.

Champs d’application :

  • Communicating flows 'optimization 
  • Conflict management  
  • Role definition
  • Value identification and promotion 
  • Change management
  • Stress reducing
  • Relational problems resolution 
  • Strategic or organizational clarifying
  • Individual or collective accountability 
  • Creation of a new positive group dynamics
  • Resources emergence from the group, as well as from the individualities it composes

Public :

  • Mixed teams with common goals
  • Homogeneous teams
  • Group from 4 to 8 people per supervisor. If the attendees are more numerous, two supervisors can be involved in
  • Team supervision
  • Team supervision
  • Team supervision
  • Team supervision