Our formulas - Petillances
Prévention et gestion des risques psychosociaux et développement des compétences transversales
RPS, Risques psychosociaux, formations, coaching, team building
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Our formulas

Alone, in a group, at our offices, at your offices or even in our Training Truck… a Pétillances training program can be adapted to your needs. Discover our different formulas below.


  • Pétillances® inter-company training is open to individuals and companies who wish to send their employees on the courses published in our calendar. The courses bring together a varied audience from quite diversified sectors (financial, social, artistic, industrial, medical, public, transport, new technologies…). Encouraged by the trainer, participants are motivated by a desire to learn and share their experiences for the benefit of the entire group.
  • The courses, detailed here, are organised into fourthematic groups:

  1. “Leadership and team management”
  2. “Communication & Relationships with others”
  3. “Resilience & Wellness”
  4. “Professional efficiency”



  • Pétillances® courses are also set up within companies that have a particular problem or wish to develop the talents of their employees in a different way.
  • It all starts with a meeting where the operational and/or behavioural needs of the company are analysed. We think together about setting up training that is totally in line with your professional reality, but is always fun, powerful and dynamic. We put at your service our experience, our mastery of systemic psychology, our positive approach to change and our ability to leave the traditional learning environment. Your employees are supported in the most appropriate way, with humour, lightness and creativity.


Quickly and Well

  • Because actions are better than long speeches;
  • Because in 90 minutes, we learn a lot;
  • Pétillances® trainers put their skills at the service of your employees and teams so that, for an hour and a half, they acquire the knowledge and the use of a tool or a method that can be immediately transferred to their professional life.