Inter-Company training - Petillances
Prévention et gestion des risques psychosociaux et développement des compétences transversales
RPS, Risques psychosociaux, formations, coaching, team building
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Inter-Company training

Our Inter-Company training

The Pétillances inter-company trainingis organised into four qualifying themes. These sessions take place in the verdant setting of the Welcome House of the Franciscan Sisters (Luxembourg). On the programme you will encounter self-discovery and sincere exchanges thanks to small groups.

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Exchange is the basis of inter-company training. Participants are invited to intervene constantly to share their opinions and their life history to give some momentum to the day. For their part, the trainers are passionate about their job and are always listening to the group.



These courses focus above all on the experiential and on the integration of new behaviours through captivating exercises and the expression of the deep nature of the participants. Courses are delivered in French, English, German, Luxembourgish, Portugueseand Chinese.



The courses are focused on personal development and are systematically developed in response to the needs expressed by our clients, whether they are companies or private individuals. The trainers are therefore constantly adapting to the desiderata to match the expectations of the group.