Coaching - Petillances
Prévention et gestion des risques psychosociaux et développement des compétences transversales
RPS, Risques psychosociaux, formations, coaching, team building
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With a solid team of trainers from various sectors (management, HR, automotive, insurance, industry, behavioural and systemic therapies, psychological support, journalism…), Pétillances® will always offer you the right person for your request. Whether for one person or for a group, our resources are rich enough for a solution that is both complete and precise.

Team coaching

Supervision sessions consist of the development of a space of wordsand expressionsdedicated to the appeasement of teams and the collective search for solutions. Orchestrated by an expert in interpersonal communication, they offer a safety valve to the groups and individuals who compose them.

Through professional psychological support, it becomes possible for participants to create or restore a constructive group dynamic which is rooted in reality. Issues are expressed, disturbing emotions are transformed and common solutions are proposed.

Personal coaching

The purpose of the coaching sessions is to provide individual professional support to anyone concerned by a re-assessment, a change of life or career, as well as by difficulties in the broad sense of the term.

Through the provision of tools, techniques and methods, a personalised action plan is defined. The coach intervenes as a developer of the talents and skills of the collaborator they support in a process of self-knowledge, repair and creation.

Scope of application

  • Optimisation of communication flows
  • Conflict management
  • Role definition
  • Identification and promotion of values
  • Stress reduction
  • Change management
  • Resolving relationship difficulties
  • Strategic or organisational clarification
  • Individual and collective responsibilities
  • Establishment of a positive group dynamic
  • Emergence of resources, from the group and the individuals that compose it

Scope of application

  • Self-awareness
  • Removing limiting beliefs
  • Identification of guiding values ​​and needs
  • Stress reduction
  • Optimisation of emotional management
  • Accompanying individual change
  • Resolving relationship difficulties
  • Alleviation of conflicts
  • Optimising communications
  • Career reorientation
  • Preparation for retirement