Insights Discovery
Organisme de formations et de prévention des risques psychosociaux à Luxembourg
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Insights Discovery

Through the personality type approach, the Insights Discovery® tool provides a solid and reliable foundation for personal development. It offers a constructive, flexible and fulfilling model to value individual strengths and differences.

Built on the work of Carl Gustav Jung, it highlights the behavioral preferences of each according to color energies: Cool Blue, Burning Red, Bright Yellow and Calm Green.

This provides a solid foundation for evolution and personal development, resulting in greater individual effectiveness.

Educational goals

The Insights Discovery® tool is intended to allow each one to:

  • Get to know each other better from a professional point of view by sharing values, goals, styles and personalities;
  • Define the normal interactions between the different teams;
  • To circumscribe the expectations of each other and their respective interlocutors and their peers;
  • Determine roles and responsibilities for implementing cross-cutting processes;
  • Better organize the tasks to be carried out individually and collectively;
  • Manage potential disagreements constructively;
  • Define, implement and promote a common and consistent policy for managing employees.

Through playful and motivating exercises, everyone will benefit from a renewed cohesion and develop their ability to communicate with assertiveness by working with his or her peers for the same cause.

Other methods