Organisme de formations et de prévention des risques psychosociaux à Luxembourg
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The characteristics of Flow® were analyzed by the American psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. He discovered the elements required to be in the flow and stay there. Flow is a psychological state beneficial to all of us, regardless of our place in the business.
Le flow est un état psychologique bénéfique pour chacun de nous, peu importe notre place dans l’entreprise.

This balanced emotional state allows:

  • to feel good;
  • To resist stress because we perform tasks that correspond to our primary motivations;
  • To be ready to take up challenges, because they are challenges that interest us;
  • Stay focused;
  • to develop ourselves;
  • To experience pleasure in our work.

Educational goals

The flow tool has the aim of allowing anyone to:

  • Increase your proactivity and motivation;
  • Improve communication with employees;
  • Have better change management;
  • Build winning projects / winners;
  • Reduce absenteeism;
  • Put words on what you feel;
  • Identify their primary (non-technical) motivations;
  • Facilitate the discussion around the elements that motivates us;
  • Discover and develop your potential to stay in the flow.

Through playful and motivating exercises, everyone will benefit from a renewed cohesion and develop their ability to communicate with assertiveness by working with his or her peers for the same cause.

Other methods