Methods and tools - Petillances
Prévention et gestion des risques psychosociaux et développement des compétences transversales
RPS, Risques psychosociaux, formations, coaching, team building
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Our methods

The Pétillances® method has been specifically developed to bring out pragmatic solutions from the experience of employees, while providing them with tools from coaching, from various personal development techniques, from systemic psychology, from team building and from the MBTI.

Each trainer is certified in different areas such as the MBTI®, Insights Discovery® or even Flow®. The latter tool is offered exclusively in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. All these certifications are updated every year in order to offer you optimal methods that perfectly meet current needs.

Our tools

Knowing who we are allows us to progress, both in our professional and private lives. The sparkling trainers are certified to use powerful tools that will guide you, step by step, in your evolution. Whether for a skills check, team-building, an outplacement, or simply coaching, personality questionnaires are the ideal solution.